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Omega X Swatch Bioceramic Moonswatch Collection - Mission to Sun

Omega X Swatch Bioceramic Moonswatch Collection - Mission to Sun

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Introducing the vibrant and eye-catching Sun Yellow edition, a true show-stopper in the Swatch X Omega Bioceramic Moonswatch collection. 

- The stylish dial features a sun-brushed finish, radiating with sun-yellow brilliance.

- The white VELCRO strap adds a touch of contrast and modernity to the design.

- The tachymeter scale, subdial hands, and chronograph second hand are all adorned in striking orange, adding a bold and energetic element.

- The white backdrop on the bezel and subdials enhances visibility and complements the overall aesthetic.

- Each dial proudly displays the OMEGA X SWATCH logo, classic Speedmaster logo, and the brand-new MoonSwatch logo.

- The classic glass construction, along with the "hidden" S integrated into the crystal's center, showcases a blend of elegance and innovation.

- The intricate circular design, "dot over 90" feature on the tachymeter scaled bezel, and thoughtful patterns on the dial outer ring and subdials reflect a meticulous attention to detail.

- The sharp and smooth lugs construction ensures a seamless and comfortable fit.

- The unique Bioceramic touch brings sustainability and innovation to the forefront.

- Superluminova technology illuminates the hands and markers for optimal visibility in low-light conditions.

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