About Us

We are a luxury streetwear clothing brand and intend on building a collaborative ecosystem for our clothing collection/ coustomized sneakers n accessories.

We are a concept driven clothing brand we started of as two frnds wanting to build a clothing brand that could represent our free spirited nature among various other things. We also aim in making the brand more relatable and sustainable
** We have a new limited edition collection coming up by the month end in a way that we go back to the nature and the core of our Lifestyle..*
We have 19 drops for each genre of apparel
We also work on parallel drops
The designs for the first collection are to represent the various emotional and psychological states of people then we have a more simpled collection that u can see is listed on the website.
We have a f&f collection aswell.

We make 240/260 gsm tees rn !!

We have coustomized sneakers make to order to fit accurately with our fits !!