Ultimate Guide of Bearbricks for Sneakerheads

Ultimate Guide of Bearbricks for Sneakerheads

Educating Sneaker Enthusiasts About Bearbricks: Origins and Collectibility

Check out our ultimate Bearbricks guide to discover why collectible Bearbricks are a must-have for sneaker collectors.

Bearbricks, what are they really?

These cute toy figures come from Medicom Toy Incorporated, a Japanese company. They first appeared in 2001 and are famous for their simple design and cool collaborations. The name "Bearbrick" combines "bear" and "brick," showing off their blocky shape and bear-like form.


Where did Bearbricks come from?

Created as companions to the Kubrick line by Medicom Toy, inspired by filmmaker Stanley Kubrick. The first Bearbrick popped up on May 27, 2001, at the World Character Convention in Tokyo. Initially meant as freebies, people fell in love with them due to their unique ideas and artistic possibilities.

Different different sizes of Bearbricks exist - the most common being 100%, 400%, and 1000%. The "100%" one is about 7 cm tall, the "400%" is roughly 28 cm, and the "1000%" reaches around 70 cm.




Why do people collect Bearbricks?

- They team up with cool artists and brands like KAWS, Andy Warhol, Nike, and Chanel.
- Limited editions make these figures rare and special.
- They cover various themes from pop culture to art so everyone can find something they love.
- Medicom Toy is top-notch at making high-quality Bearbricks that collectors adore.
- Collecting Bearbricks has become a big trend with fans buying, selling, and swapping figures.


How do Bearbricks relate to Sneaker Culture?

Both (Bearbricks and Sneakers culture) worlds love limited editions & cool collaborations! Sneakerheads enjoy collecting Bearbricks for similar reasons as sneakers - hunting for treasures & loving great designs.

Sometimes sneaker brands like Nike team up with Bearbricks to create awesome products together!


conclusion: Bearbricks aren't just toys; they're art pieces blending pop culture, fashion & design. From their start to their fancy collaborations & quality production, there's plenty to love about them. Sneaker lovers can find joy in collecting Bearbricks too for the same thrills & values found in sneaker culture. Whether you're a pro collector or new to these toys, Bearbricks offer a fun way to dive into collectibles!

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